About Malik Group - Malik Auto World

The rise of the Malik Group of companies stands as a captivating success tale within the automobile industry. With an innovative approach, Malik Group has carved its unique space in the sector. We have an extensive range of Tata cars, covering various segments, all under one roof. Whether it's a passenger vehicle, a sports utility vehicle, a luxurious powerhouse or light commercial vehicles, we proudly offer them all. Our overarching vision has always been centred on delivering exceptional customer service. To bring this vision to life, Malik Auto World, Malik Kia, and Malik Ashok Leyland have played pivotal roles in ensuring our customers' satisfaction remains paramount. Additionally, we have expanded our capabilities into other industries, including Mitsubishi for Air Conditioners and Tanishq for jewellery. Even in these markets, our dedication to provide customer-centric service that surpasses expectations remains unwavering.


Committed to creating and delivering world class customer centric service.


Extend spectrum of services aimed at bringing automobile retailing under one roof with concentrated focus on customer satisfaction