Tata Tigor EV: The Economic Benefits of Going Electric


With rising fuel prices and growing environmental concerns, many drivers are opting for greener, more economical alternatives. This is where the Tata Tigor EV enters the scene, offering a compelling proposition: an electric vehicle (EV) packed with economic benefits that go beyond just saving the planet.

Fuel Your Wallet, Not the Pump

Let’s face it, filling up your tank can be a painful experience for your wallet these days. But with the Tigor EV, those worries become a thing of the past. Electricity costs significantly less than petrol or diesel, and with a range of up to 306 km on a single charge, you’ll be making fewer trips to the charging station – saving both money and time.

Lower Maintenance Costs

EVs have fewer moving parts, leading to less wear and tear compared to traditional cars. This translates to fewer trips to the mechanic and reduced maintenance costs.

Government Incentives

Going electric doesn’t just benefit your wallet; it benefits the environment too! That’s why the Indian government offers attractive incentives for EV purchases, including lower registration charges, FAME-II subsidy, and exemption from road tax in some states. These incentives can significantly reduce the initial cost of buying a Tigor EV, making it even more economical.

Lower Running Costs

The story doesn’t end there. Since EVs have no tailpipe emissions, they are exempt from pollution-under-control (PUC) certificates, saving you additional money and hassle.

The Long-Term Advantage

While the initial price of an EV might seem higher than its petrol counterpart, the long-term cost of ownership is significantly lower. With lower fuel and maintenance costs, government incentives, and rising fuel prices, the Tigor EV becomes a smart investment that pays off over time.

But Economy Isn't Everything

Going electric with the Tigor EV isn’t just about saving money; it’s about driving a modern, eco-friendly car with a host of features. Imagine enjoying a smooth, silent ride with instant pick-up, zero emissions, and the satisfaction of contributing to a cleaner environment.


The Electric Future is Now

The Tata Tigor EV is more than just a car. It’s a statement about embracing a sustainable future, prioritising your wallet, and enjoying the thrill of a modern driving experience. So, are you ready to plug into savings and join the electric revolution? With the Tigor EV, the road to a greener, more economical future is just a charge away.

Explore the electric revolution with the stylish and eco-friendly Tata Tigor EV. Discover your Tata Tigor EV’s on road price in Hyderabad and embark on a sustainable journey. Visit your nearest Malik Auto World showroom or check online!